Hello performers – welcome to our site. We want you to find great music to play.

This has been in my project queue for over a decade. As a student, and as I was beginning my professional career, I found it frustrating that finding the best new music was all too much a function of chance. In my line of work, I am in constant contact with other musicians who specialize in the music of our time – if I was having trouble finding music, what would it be like for performers, young and old, who lack that opportunity.

There are many sites that catalogue, collect and disseminate the work of contemporary composers; MoMuRe is not trying to duplicate their admirable work. If they have a shortcoming, it is that they are unable to show favouritism or promote certain works over others.

MoMuRe is unabashedly opinionated. It lacks objectivity. If you read a review of work on this site, it means that someone who has performed the work likes it enough to spread the word. I feel like among those who are best equipped to talk about contemporary music are the people who spend hundreds of hours every year studying and performing it.

One caveat as you scroll through our young but growing archives. First, read the entry about star ratings – we use them reluctantly, because we feel that their benefits outweigh the issues they raise. More importantly, the music here is highly regarded by people who are in the know, but remember that the most important opinion, especially to a performing artist, is your own.

And one suggestion – if you find and perform a good modern piece, and want to write about it, drop us a line!